Spray Pro Insulation – How to Get Insulation Installed

During the winter months, heat wants to escape your building. Conversely, during the summer, it wants to stay inside. Thermal insulation prevents or slows this transfer of heat, saving energy in the long run. attic insulation is one of the best insulation options available. It is sprayed on-site and expands to create a seal that will greatly reduce energy bills.

Environmental Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation from Spray Pro Insulation

Its Air Sealing Qualities

When compared to fiberglass, spray foam insulation has higher R-value per inch and has the ability to fill in spaces between cracks and crevices, creating an air-tight space. This reduces drafts, air leakage and energy loss and makes your home more comfortable year-round.

It also helps to keep out outdoor pollutants such as dirt, dust and pollen which can help those with allergies and respiratory issues. Additionally, its air-tight seal reduces noise transmission which can make it a great option for urban homes or shared walls in multi-unit buildings.

What is the Process of Getting Insulation Installed?

The first step in preparing an area to be insulated is the removal of existing insulation, if applicable. If it is an existing attic or pole barn/garage, there may not be any existing insulation to remove.

The next step is the application of spray foam insulation. Professional installers use a proprietary mix of spray equipment that allows them to achieve consistent coverage and proper expansion in each application. There are DIY kits that homeowners can purchase but if the project is large or requires precise insulation performance, a professional installation will be most effective.
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