Choosing a Temporary Workers Agency

A temporary workers agency connects employers with hourly staffers who are available on an as-needed basis. The agencies screen candidates and assign them to client companies in roles that fit their skills and experience, typically without a long application process. They also handle administrative tasks such as payroll processing and taxes, worker insurance and benefits management (if applicable), and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

As a general rule, the Eu Workers relationship between a temp agency and its supplied workers ends once the work assignment at a client company is complete. However, the staffing agency and its client company may share responsibility under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for maintaining a safe workplace environment. For this reason, it’s important for both the staffing agency and its client to include in each worker’s contract that they are both responsible for ensuring the temp worker’s rights under OSHA’s training, hazard communication, and recordkeeping requirements.

The Process of Registering with a Temporary Workers Agency

When choosing a temporary agency, consider its industry and niche expertise. Not every temp agency can provide all kinds of hourly workers, and some specialize in specific types of jobs such as janitorial or warehouse labor. Also, find out if the agency is certified with the city and whether it displays its license publicly.

In some cases, temp agencies are able to convert temporary employees into full-time staff members. This can be beneficial for both the business and the employee since it gives the latter the opportunity to see if a job is a good fit before making a permanent commitment.